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     Your therapist Kim Edwards, is a licensed massage therapist specializing in the John F. Barnes myofascial release approach. She had been a physical therapist assistant for more then 10 years, working in hospitals, nursing homes and orthopedic outpatient facilities. In that time she had completed several seminars focusing on manual therapy, specifically John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach  and Upledger's Craniosacral Therapy. She  enjoyed using and receiving these techniques so much that she went back to college to become a licensed massage therapist and open her own practice to use these techniques exclusively. She has experienced the benefits firsthand as she had been experiencing sacroiliac (SI) joint pain and low back pain and with self treatment has been pain free for 11 years and counting! She continues taking these seminars to grow as a myofascial release therapist and is excited to share the benefits of these techniques. 

Massage Therapist Kim Edwards

We all have an innate ability to heal ourselves. It is referred to as body wisdom. Healing is an ongoing process vital for growth. That being said, my role as your therapist will be to guide and facilitate this inner wisdom. 

"you can't pour from an empty cup, you have to take care of yourself first."


What about Fascia?

Unlike traditional massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic myofascial release, the techniques I use were developed over many decades by a physical therapist, John F. Barnes. The science and medical community is only just now beginning to catch up and support the work he has been doing! It is more effective and produces longer lasting changes through the piezoelectric effect. This is accomplished by sinking into the tissues and using a gentle sustained stretch up to 5 minutes to produce the change needed.

Fascia has been found to be a liquid crystalline structure that surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein and all of the internal organs including the spinal cord. Trauma, both physical and emotional, surgical procedures and inflammatory responses can create restrictions that produce pressure up to 2000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures. It does not show up in any of the standard tests (xrays, MRI's, etc), which is why many people having pain and lack of motion could be having fascial problems!

If you have dealt with chronic pain or old injuries and physical therapy and/or chiropractic isn't helping maybe it's time to try myofascial release! It is a gentle modality reaching far into the fascial web to relieve the pressures on sensitive structures that have been causing pain, limited mobility and function. Combined with self treating at home we can work together to get you in a better place. 

Fellow MFR Therapist Kara Schabacker giving detailed insight on fascia




60 min $85


90 min $125

120 min $155    


Package deals

3  60 min  $225

3  90 min  $335

What to Expect at Your Visit

During your initial visit (for both the 60 min and 90 min sessions) we will go over your health forms, then I will assess your posture, noting any patterns of restrictions. Unlike standard massage techniques, with John Barnes MFR (myofascial release), no oils or lotions are used, so please do not apply any prior to your sessions.

Each session is unique for each person and there are times where I may be working in an area different from where you are feeling the symptom. Where the pain is, is not always the source of the pain.

Self treatment techniques will be introduced at the end of sessions.

I encourage everyone to wear what is comfortable yet allows maximum access to skin surface. Sheets, blankets are available for extended times on table for warmth and modesty.

Clients are encouraged to arrive 10 min early to complete health forms or Click the 1st PDF file below to get the health form and the 2nd PDF for the "What to expect with MFR"

Cancellation Policy

Please notify me within 24 hours if unable to make it to your appointment. If you cancel in less than 24 hours you may be charged $45 which must be paid before scheduling any further appointments.

If you are unable to start at time of scheduled appointment it will still end at the same time,


134 Main Street Suite 203, Prince Frederick. MD 20678

I am in the white office building just behind the grey-blue house. There is an in and out driveway, you can just go in the "out" side to the back parking lot. If you end up beside the building in the other parking lot, that's fine, you can park there too!

Mon 11-5, Tues 9-5:30, Wed 9-5:30, Thurs 8-5 and Fri 8-3

By appointment only


Please note in contact form if you have a preferred follow up ie; email, phone, or text, otherwise I will respond with email by default

Success! Message received.


"Thanks for seeing me yesterday. My back feels much better and I feel more calm"

-Ms. H


"I noticed by the 3rd session with you I was able to spend twice as long out in the garden over the weekend before needing a break!"

- Mrs. Kelly


"My chiropractor was surprised at how much looser my neck was after I saw you a few days ago. He was able to adjust my cervical spine more easily!"



"My knee felt so much better after my 2nd visit!"

- Ms. Allison 

"I have been noticing my migraines are less frequent and don't last a long since coming to see you"


"I didn't notice much difference after the 1st visit but I slept so well that night. A few days after the next visit I began to notice my shoulder wasn't tight, and improvement in my jaw and ear pain! I am curious to see what else happens!" -D. M.


This is the official site for John F. Barnes. There are many articles discussing myofascial release. Look under the resources link, then go to therapeutic insight articles link


Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment by Joyce Karnis, PT

  these are available in the office for $35 each (cover price)

Healing Ancient Wounds by John F. Barnes PT, LMT

Waking the Tiger by Dr. Peter Levine

The Fibromyalgia Manual by Dr. Geneva Lipton

What's in Your Web?  by Phil Tavolocci DPT

Touching Light by Ronelle Wood

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